5 Ways to Style Wavy Hair on Men

It can be easy for men with wavy or thick hair to feel a bit discouraged when trying out new styles. While wavy hair can be tricky to deal with, there are tons of ways to get creative. Here are some great styles for you to check out the next time you want to try a new look. 

Short Wavy Hair Fade

One of the advantages of having wavy or thick hair is you get interesting textures even when your hair is cut shorter. By keeping a short length on the top and adding a fade on the sides, you get a clean look that’s nicely balanced out by your natural texture. If you want to make your style a bit edgier, you can ask for a high fade or make the fade a bit more subtle for a more professional look. 

Wavy Comb Over

Both professional and effortlessly suave, the wavy comb over look keeps the hair medium-short with a slightly longer length on top. For this hairstyle, you’ll want to find a hair product you can use to provide a firm hold without making your hair look greasy. 

This look is generally easy to maintain once you find the product that works for you and won’t require frequent visits to the barber. 

Long Wavy Hair

Sometimes, you just have to let it all out. One of the best ways to show off your naturally textured hair is to let it grow to a longer length. Whether you choose to keep it above the jawline or let it fall past your shoulders, letting your wavy hair grow out is a great way to create a distinct look for yourself. You can also do a lot with long wavy hair, including parting it down the middle or rocking a bun. 

Wavy Hair Undercut

If you really want to go edgy with your wavy hair, a great option is to get an undercut. Different from a fade, where the hair gradually gets longer towards the top, an undercut goes straight from shaved to long. This is a perfect way to make your waves pop and to show off a bold look everywhere you go. While you’ll need to frequently trim your undercut to keep the look, the relaxed and casual nature of the hairstyle makes it easy to maintain. 

Wavy Hair Quiff

Wavier hair lends itself well to the quiff hairstyle. This look keeps the hair at a medium-short length and pulls the hair back and slightly off to the side, resulting in a style that feels classically suave and fresh all at once. You can combine the wavy quiff with a tight or loose fade or even an undercut to make your waves stand out. 

Products for Wavy Hair

Using the right product can mean the difference between a well-groomed head of waves and a messy mop of curls. Conman Beard and Hair Pudding by Gibs holds the curl in longer hair on top. It also moisturizes and adds a natural shine to textured dry hair. For a stronger hold, use Maverick Pomade for a clean, controlled style.

To get a fresh look for your wavy hair, be sure to book your appointment at Sport Clips Haircuts DC today! We’ll also gladly help you find the best products you can use to make your new look even better.