Best Fade Haircuts for Black Men

When it comes to styling Black hair, a solid go-to cut to ask for is a quality fade. The classic style looks clean and can be customized for a party look, business professional, and everything in between. Even though the best fade haircuts are easily identifiable, there are tons of ways to create your own unique style by trying out some of these fade haircuts.

Temple Fade with Mohawk

This haircut seamlessly blends the crisp look of a fade with a more “untamed” look on top. The temple fade with mohawk cut is defined by a tight fade towards the top of the head with medium-length, twisted hair on the top and back of the head.

If you’re looking for a bold, yet sharp look to show off at your next party (in 2021, of course), you should give this cut a go.

Curly Top Fade 

This trending fade haircut is somewhat similar to the temple fade with mohawk style. The main difference is the style keeps the fade around the back as well as the sides. The curly top fade haircut makes the most lasting impression when you keep the fade tight towards the top of the head.

Smooth and Wavy Fade

Going a bit more professional, the smooth and wavy fade keeps the top short with subtle waves for a textured look. You can go for the classic waves or opt for the more modern 360-degree waves. Either way, you’ll have a style that’s ready for the office, yet perfectly suave for a night out.

Clean Cut Low Fade

Ah, the simple yet satisfying classic. This style never feels outdated and will have you feeling more stylish in an instant. The low fade simply means the fade starts around the same line as the eyebrows rather than higher up. This type of fade can be paired with varying hair lengths on the top. Keeping the hair a bit longer on the sides also means you can add a shaved line or two if you want to mix it up.

Cool Black Curly Fade

Best done with a medium to high fade, the cool black curly fade allows the hair to grow just long enough to add some subtle twists or a bit of texture. This trending cut is easy to get without much waiting for your hair to grow out, but you should definitely consider growing a beard with it for a really knockout look.

High Top

Styles from the 80s and 90s aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Add a sleek high-top cut with a medium to high fade and you’ll feel ready to take on the world with confidence. There are many ways you can mix this style up for your personal taste, whether you want a more modern curved high top or want to go full retro with the boxed-out style.

To get a great fade and a new head-turning look, check in at Sports Clips Columbia Heights today!