How to Care for Your Beard

Growing out a beard is a great way for men to get a more masculine look while adding a whole new dimension to their personal style. But simply getting some length on your beard isn’t enough to make it look the way you want. You’ll also want to keep your beard healthy and your skin feeling good so you can confidently rock your beard day in and day out. Plus, your beard is right by your nose, so it certainly helps to keep it smelling nice. Here are some of the most important ways to care for your beard. 

Shampoo Your Beard

You wouldn’t go without shampooing your hair, would you? So why would you neglect washing the hair on your face? Many men skip out on this, leaving them with a beard that isn’t nearly as healthy or attractive as it could be. GIBS Manwash shampoo and body wash and Biofuel conditioner will do double duty for you and your beard.  Be sure to spend the same amount of time scrubbing your beard as you do your scalp to keep your beard in excellent condition. 

Apply Conditioner

You can really give your beard hair a pleasant, soft feel by applying conditioner or lotion as well. They provide extra moisture to both the hair and your face. So if you find yourself losing motivation to keep your beard because of wiry hairs or a scratchy face, it may be time to start conditioning your hair after you cleanse. MVRCK Skin + Beard Lotion is the perfect product to massage into your beard to smooth the hair and moisturize the skin. 

Consider Getting Beard Oil

Massaging a quality beard oil into your facial hair is a fantastic way to make sure your beard will stay flake-free. Brushing beard oil into your beard also helps you smooth out wiry hairs while removing dead hairs that can get itchy. Plus, beard oil will make your beard even softer and likely give you more motivation to keep it growing. 

Another perk of using beard oil is that many brands make their beard oils smell amazing, which is sure to make your partner happy and give you even more confidence. Beard oils by Gibs are all natural and have amazing scents.  Olive and argan oils soften while sunflower oil strengthens and protects.  Passion fruit and copaiba oils moisturize both skin and hair.  Try VooDoo Prince with bergamot, sandalwood and sage, Manscaper with grapefruit, tobacco flower and saffron or Bushmaster with nutmeg, leather, vanilla and musk scents.  MVRCK has an invigorating agave citrus scent and it will make your beard look soft and shiny.

Disinfect Your Beard

While washing your beard every day will certainly keep it clean and wash away germs, it won’t necessarily keep it sanitized throughout the day. There’s also never been a better time to make sure your facial hair is free of germs. Gibs  Black Kodiak and Tree Hugger beard balms will keep your beard healthy and sanitize it all at once. 

Regularly Trim Your Beard

Finally, if you want your beard to look its best, you’ll want to find a quality beard-trimmer that allows you to precisely shape your facial hair and trim off any strays. Or you can come to Sport Clips Haircuts DC for a professional trim. You should also shave your neck hair and apply aftershave to avoid itchiness or red spots. 

By following these beard care tips every day, you’ll have yourself feeling fresh and confident as you show off your style!