How to Get the Right Haircut from Your Stylist

The main concern about getting a haircut for most men is whether or not they will end up with the style they are hoping for. Obviously, going to a shop with skilled hairstylists will be a great way to boost your chances at walking out with the look you want, but there are other steps you can take to make sure you get just the right haircut.

Come With a Clear Idea of What You Want

While your stylist will gladly give you suggestions of haircuts that will suit you well, it’s always good to come in with a style or two in mind as well. Without thinking about your haircut beforehand, you may not end up with a style you love. 

It’s also a great idea to find some photos of haircuts you think you would like. Try to narrow down your photos to styles that are similar to each other and talk to your stylist about elements of those haircuts you like and don’t like. For instance, if you see a fade style you like but don’t necessarily like the top of the cut, be sure to mention that.

Showing photos also makes things clearer for the person cutting your hair. It’s not uncommon for customers to be unfamiliar with the terminology salons use. For example, you may say you want a comb-over when you really want a quiff. By bringing photos, you can avoid this type of confusion. 

 It’s also important to be realistic about your expectations when it comes to celebrity photos and the amount of time a particular style will require. Celebrities’ hairstyles are done by professionals and touched up after every photo shoot. Chances are these services aren’t available to you, so keep in mind how much effort you’ll want to put into your hair on a daily basis and if it’s enough to create the style in the photo.

Talk About the Type of Hair You Have

Mentioning any struggles you have with your hair is especially important if you are visiting a new shop. Perhaps you have especially coarse hair that’s a bit difficult to shape. This may not be immediately obvious to your stylist but if you mention it before they start cutting your hair, they will best know how to cut it. They can also suggest ways to more easily manage your thick hair,  such as thinning it with trimmers or using certain products. 

Listen to Your Stylist

Once you’ve shown your stylist some photos and discussed how to best manage your hair, be sure to listen to their ideas. While getting a haircut is ultimately about you, your barber can help you get the style that makes the most sense for you. 

For instance, certain face shapes will look best with different types of fades or lengths. Your stylist also may suggest you keep your hair a bit shorter than you may have considered before. Or they may recommend that you start with a longer cut than what is shown in photos you brought, then take it shorter, since it’s obviously much easier to take off more length than it is to put it back on. 

Don’t be afraid to branch out and try something a little new with your style. If you come in with a good idea of what you want, take a moment to let your stylist get to know your hair better, and keep an open mind, you’ll walk out with a look you love. 

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