Must-Have Short Hairstyles for Men

If you want a trendy hairstyle to make a statement and feel more confident, you don’t have to start growing out your hair. You can keep things short and still make a great impression. There’s a lot more you can do with short hair than you may realize. Here are some great short hairstyles for men you should try.

Fade Haircut with Hard Part

This hot style combines longer hair on top and a fade on the sides and back with a distinct line separating the two. The line can be slightly curved, completely straight, run the full length of the head, or even be combined with one or two complementary lines.

Tapered Sides with Blowout Top

While this requires a bit of length on top, you can absolutely pull off this look with shorter hair. This style looks great with very thick hair, subtle waves, or straight hair. For men with wavy or straight hair, you can keep things a little messy on top with a smooth taper down the sides. For thicker hair, you can add some twists on top for a fresh, textured appearance.

High and Tight

The high and tight style focuses the attention to the top of the head while creating a clean look around the face. A very tight fade leaves the sides mostly buzzed with tight blending at the top. It’s a bold yet clean look that will have you feeling great walking out of the salon.

Classic Caesar Cut

This underestimated haircut is great for straight or wavy hair and is surprisingly versatile. The classic Caesar cut is defined by a somewhat short hair length that’s mostly uniform on the top and the sides. You can make it messy, comb a part, or put your own spin on the look.

Ivy League Short Hairstyle for Men

Also sometimes called the Princeton cut, this hairstyle works for both straight and wavy hair and is great for a professional appearance. The Ivy League cut is very simple and features relatively short hair on the sides that you can still comb with slightly longer hair on top.

Line Up

Great for men with thick hair, the line up is a hot trend you should try out. The sides have a high fade while the top is styled with twists kept in a square shape. The result is a chic yet edgy style.

Curly Afro

This style works great with short or medium length hair and shows off curly, thick hair with all of its character. You can add a fade on the sides or keep the hair length more uniform based on your preference.

Short Buzz Cut

Going super simple, the short buzz cut works for men with any kind of hair and draws attention to the face. While some guys may find it a bit risky, it’s a sleek look that is worth giving a try at least once. Many men fall in love with the look and never go back due to how simple the look is and how easy it is to maintain.

We can’t wait to get you a fresh look you’ll love, whether it’s one of these short hairstyles for men or something entirely different. Contact Sport Clips Columbia Heights today to book your appointment!