What Is Beard Oil, and Do I Need It?

Choosing to grow out a beard is a great style choice, but in the same way that it’s important to take good care of the hair on your head by using the right products, you’ll need the right beard oil to keep your beard looking great and your face feeling fresh.

What Is Beard Oil?

Beard oil is a product for men to use each day on their beards. The specialized blend of oils is meant to promote good beard health while also offering some styling and aroma benefits. Men can make their beard look even better by using this product when they get ready for the day, promoting even more confidence as you leave the house to take on the day!

For example Gibs beard oils, which are used and sold at Sport Clips, are a superior blend of five oils—olive, argan, sunflower, passionfruit, and copaiba balsam. Each oil provides certain nutrients to protect and nourish your beard and skin for a healthy feel and appearance. Additional ingredients, such as coconut oil, shea butter, and tea tree oil offer even more benefits, while others add an enticing scent to each product.

What Does It Do?

Let’s start with some things beard oil certainly does not do. Some companies will try to sell you products claiming you’ll see accelerated beard growth by applying the oil to your beard. This simply isn’t true and if you use it with this goal in mind, you’ll likely find yourself disappointed.

However, there are plenty of benefits that make it worth checking out. While beard oil won’t cause your beard to grow bigger, it can prevent you from losing some of the hair. Beard oil is made up of products designed to help keep your hair healthy, which means you’ll get fewer hairs falling out. Since oils moisturize your hair, your beard hair will stay moisturized and soft.

Your face will also benefit from this moisturization as well. Just like your scalp, the skin under your beard is susceptible to getting flaky. Obviously, you don’t want flakes of dead skin hanging around your face! As you apply a quality product to your face every day, you will get fewer flakes and feel the need to itch less often.

Beard oil also helps you to comb your beard hair. When your beard gets long enough, you can use a comb or a brush to style it and make it look sharp and neat. Plus, you’ll get rid of any dead hair that may be causing itchiness or frizziness.

How to Apply

Ideally, you should apply beard oil after showering and thoroughly cleansing your face. Once your face is patted dry, apply some to your hands and gently massage it into your beard. Some brands come with a specialized brush that will allow you to comb the oil into your beard.

There are a lot of great brands out there; just be sure to steer clear of any that claim to be some sort of magic hair grower. Choose the scent that seems most like you and get ready to rock your beard like never before.

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